Mens Watches Clearance Sale

Mens Watches Clearance Sale

Mens Watches Clearance Sale

Clearance Sale Time! Looks like it is Winter Clearance time again. All those brick and mortar stores are trying to unload their Christmas overstock. These deals are so good they should be limited time, in store, YMMV!!!

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41 Replies to “Mens Watches Clearance Sale”

  1. I've tried to verify a few of these deals that the site says are at my local stores but the items are always much more expensive. Bear, have you had any of the deals on the site actually come to fruition?

  2. Gotta say, Tool Bear, this one is a bit of a bust. I looked for a dozen items from this site (including a few you mentioned) at a half dozen stores and found NONE. The only close call is the Worx compact circular saw, which I found one at one Walmart, but it was the display model without a cord. Worse than that, I found some clearance deals at the stores that WEREN'T on the site. I suspect BrickSeek is just a traffic muncher.

  3. Video posted 2 days ago. Walmart in my area shows 3 B&D compound miter saws in stock for $30.00, called and Walmart says they have them in stock for $88.00 and will NOT honor Brickseek inventory checker prices, so unless you actually went to Walmart and purchased these items for the sale price you're showing us, this is nothing more than fake adds you're trying to pawn off as being real. I like your channel but stick with what you know, Harbor Freight.

  4. Thanks for the video BUT BE WARNED you will not find any of these items at walmart. I went to several walmarts in my area that said they had stock. When I arrived they were no where to be found.

  5. I saw a relative walking around in my neighborhood, but he might have been on break. We have a new Harbor Freight down the street. If somebody's missing let be know.

  6. Brick seek really steped up there game ! I got the STANLEY STMT81564 101-Piece Universal Mechanics Tool Set with Metal 2 drawer Tool Box for $13 ,
    you told me about this site and it was really limited info , It seems they revamped their website , Thanks Red Beard or Den of tools either way !
    2 good tools today the B&D angle grinder $7 and $13 tool box with 100 piece socket set

  7. Bear, after seeing your video this morning, I chanced a trip to my local Walmart (We are expecting a big Winter storm, and I have a small window before the roads ice over). To my surprise, I picked up the last 10” Standing Tool Chest for $17!! Not being one to leave well-enough alone, I went to the Lowe’s next door, and was able to pick up the last Rockwell Jaw Horse for $62. Thanks brother! You did me a real solid today! TIP for your other subscribers: The 20” Standing Tool Chest was listed at its regular price, but the box itself had two bar codes. One of them was the one with the sale price. I suspect this may happen with other sale items. I checked the codes with the Walmart app on my iPhone and verified the price with one of the store clerks. Happy hunting!

  8. Cool I got the tool box / chest item. Back when it first went on clearance. 12/26/18 for $49

    They had about 6 of them back then
    I bet they are now sold out by now.

  9. I gotta tell you Red, I was highly disappointed this morning. I went though the brickseek site and made my list of wanted items and where they were. (all Walmart stuff at 2 different stores) Hopped in my truck and headed out. I got to the store closest to me and headed for the tool isle only to find that the items were not there. I wondered around looking for the clearance isle, no where to be found. I finally asked a worker where the clearance isle was. He told me that they removed the clearance isle for Christmas and he is not sure when they will be setting it up again. I asked about the items on my list (I had the SKU) He said that all of the clearance stuff is being held at an off site warehouse. Same story at the next store. I didn't spend a dime (which I guess is a good thing) but very bummed I didn't get any deals.

  10. Thanks for the video, but question on brickseek – the Jawhorse on their website (Product #3878829) shows 3 prices for 3 Lowes stores ($66-$84) if you type in zip code 80021 – however, Lowes website for those same 3 stores shows the "clearance" price of $120. How can 3 lowes stores supposedly have 3 different prices and how/where does Brickseek get these prices. I don't want to say it's a scam, but there is no way to know how they get those prices…? Can someone help explain as it seems great… if it works!? Thanks!

  11. The local Walmarts have the little tool kits, various screw driver and wrench combinations a set of THREE for $5. Geoff Who has plenty, but if I was starting out, that would be a way to fill a tool box.

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